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Odoo is an ERP.
ERP play a central role in the life of companies. Whether it's helping you manage pour projects, defining and implementing your new accounting system, setting up your billing system or managing your inventory purchases, our experts will be ready to advise you to make better use of Odoo.



For your company or organization, a successful implementation of an ERP solution such as Odoo requires:

  • strong business knowledge (accounting, logistics, business processes, project management, etc.);
  • functional control of the deployed ERP solution.

These are the skills that we have and that we offer you as part of an Odoo integration , with a high level of quality.


The aim of this training is to master  the basic concepts of Odoo as user to address peacefully a future location in your company to have visibility on the possibilities of future evolution, or acquire a first autonomy on the software package and be able to launch by oneself. 
The functional training Odoo allows you to understand the main possibilities of parameterization of modules of commercial management, purchasing, logistics, production, projects, accounting. 


SPECIFIC development

Our Technical Competence Centre will assist you in

  • Create or adapt your own workflows
  • Add your own specific modules
  • Develop and customize your editions and dashboards
  • Develop rapid interfacing with other software.
  • Corrective, Progressive and Preventive Maintenance